How long does it take to get one photo edited?

We try our best to get the photo edited within 10 to 30 minutes. In times of extremely high quantity of orders, it could take longer. As we put most importance on quality, every photo is retouched by a photoshop professional, which can always delay the process slightly.

Who edits my photos?

Each and every photo is manually retouched by our photoshop exprets. Once your order is placed, we assign a graphic designer to you photo, who will process it according to your ‘Pictrics’-selection. We have been editing thousands of images daily for the past years and have the right Photoshop professionals for your specific needs.

Do you use automations or filters for retouching my photos?

No, we take pride in manual work. No automation is capable of handling professional image editing. Real graphic designers are needed to create the perfect retouch output, which is why every photo is edited by real human beings. No machines, no filters!

Is your service free of charge?

Downloading the App is free. As every image is edited by real photoshop experts, we must take a fee for the time spent on retouching your individual photo.

Why does your service cost money?

As we are not using machines and automatic processes to edit your images, we have to charge for the time that our graphic designers spend on editing your photo.

How do I pay?

Every ‘Pictric’ selected costs one credit. If you select multiple pictrics for a photo, the credits are added up. Credits can be purchased through the App.

What's the difference to other Beauty-Apps?

Most other Beauty-Apps use automated systems and/or filters to enhance your photos. Usually your photos will not look perfect and it is easily visible that the photo has been edited. If real retouch experts work on your photos, these will be of much higher quality and at least if the natural options are selected, nobody will ever know that the image was enhanced.

Why was my order cancelled?

There could be multiple reasons for cancelled orders. For example, if the ‘Pictrics’ selected do not fit to the image provided, our graphic designers will not be able to edit your photo. In any case, the cancellation reason is provided when you click on a cancelled order. In this case you can just update and re-send the order with updated selections.

Who needs this service?

Have you ever been unhappy with a photo of yours? Nobody is perfect and most people have the one or the other image in which they do not like something about the way they look. In this case look no further! Whether you want to post your images on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. or you just need it for a job application, Pictric will always get the best out of your looks.