Get your photos

retouched by

professional designers.

Your personal photo studio in your pocket. Get your photos retouched within minutes by real Photoshop experts. Join thousands of users including beauty bloggers & influencers who make use of Pictric daily. Pictric is the best-kept secret to get professionally retouched photos and selfies.

How It Works

In 5 simple steps, you can transform your images from okay to perfect.

1. Download the App from the App Store
2. Choose your photo you wish to retouch & select ‘Pictrics’
3. Get your coins & place your order
4. Your photo gets sent to one of our Photoshop experts
5. You receive your professionally retouched photo within minutes

Retouch Options

Whether you want natural or intense retouches, you can choose from over 50  ‘Pictrics’ including the following:

– Apply suntan, airbrush face & body
– Enhance Face, waist, breasts & legs
– Remove eyebags, redeye spots, wrinkles, reddening, scars, sweat & moles

The best-kept secret to a perfect selfie.

Pictric will help keep your selfie game strong with expert retouches and enhancements. Our team of professional designers retouch all your photos to the highest possible standard. Each photo also undergoes a quality check before leaving our studio. Unlike automated filters or manual retouch apps, Pictric gives you consistent professional results, making your images look as good as you feel and ready to share with the world.

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